Dumbbell Strength Program

Dumbbell Strength Program

This 6 week, 18 session strength program is designed to use the dumbbell to improve overall strength. There are 3 training sessions per week that are to be done as a single program with no supplemental lifting required. Guaranteed results when followed as written. The program can be for individual use or for a team strength program.

Sample Session:

4 Rounds- 5 DB front squat, 5 press, 5/5 jump lunge

6 Rounds- 10 thrusters (Heavy but doable), 3 burpees. Max rep thrusters on last round.

10:00 EMOM- :15 weighted lunges, :45 rest

4 Rounds- bicep 21’s (Heavy but doable), 10 skull crushers, :30 rest


    Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your physician to ensure that you are in proper health. Physical training contains inherent risks including, but no limited to, muscle strains, tears, physical and bodily injury up to and including death. If you are unable to assume these risks then you should not engage in this program. No liability is assumed by CrossFit 1108, its owner or employees and you train at your own risk.

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