Personal Training Programs

To help you reach your specific fitness goals, we offer a variety of personal training programs. Each person has unique goals and needs. Our personal training programs are just that-Personal.

Custom Program


You talk, we listen

The Custom Program begins with a conversation and follows a workout plan designed around what you want to work on. You tell us the direction that you want to go with your fitness and it is then our job to get you there with workouts custom made for you.

Arms & Abs

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Most requested body parts

The Arms & Abs Personal Training Package is designed to tone and strengthen these two specific areas of the body. The Training Package is 12 sessions of one on one personal training (or in a small group of 2-3) lasting around an hour per session. After completion of the 12 sessions, you will be given a copy of all the workouts so that you will have a blueprint if you chose to continue your fitness journey on your own.

Fat Loss Program

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Metabolism boosting workouts

Designed specifically to help lose fat through training. The training for this program has a focus on aerobic conditioning, work capacity circuits and total-body muscular endurance.



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Learn what to do & how to do it

The Novice Personal Training Package is a minimalist, reduced volume program. Designed for the new athlete or the athlete getting back into training that isn't accustomed to a full training volume. This program will rotate between progressed strength endurance, aerobic base and work capacity efforts with supplemental core and resilience work.


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Get big

The Hypertrophy Personal Training Package is designed to increase lean mass on an athlete. It follows a classic hypertrophy training format in terms of rep schemes, volume, and body part splits.

Bodyweight Only

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No weights required

The Body Weight Only Personal uses only your body weight to work your legs, core, heart/lungs & upper body.